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Rhino StrapMate - Tree Swing Straps

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Need two swing straps that won’t tear, rip, or degrade? Get the rhino’s 2 4-foot strap mates the perfect solution to hanging any swing with ease. What makes the rhino special? A well built product – our two 4 foot by 2.5-inch long straps support up to 2800 pounds of weight. Easy to use – no tools are needed, & no damage is done to the tree branch, patio beam, or playground equipment. Top quality material – made of strong polyester that is water repellent & weather resistant (5 f to 176 f) with bonded nylon 40 sewing thread, they will not fray, tear, or shred. Rated 4-5 colorfastness (military grade) on yellow fabric with 2 black lines. Free d-rings & carabiners – this all-in-one product includes 4 securely attached d-rings & 2 carabiners that hold up to 550 pounds each. Carry bag – they come with a quality mesh bag for storing when not in use. Simple instructions:1. Take the straps out of the bag & lay them over a tree branch, beam, or sturdy post.2. Pull the d-ring end through the other end’s loop on both straps.3. Tighten the straps by pulling down firmly. 4. Attach the d-rings & carabiners to the swing.Contents:2 4-foot strap4 d-rings 4 carabiners1 mesh bag1 illustrated instruction manual logical - long-lasting.

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