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Rose Gold Elixir

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Categories: Skin Care
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Product Details
GOAL: Anti-aging
USE: Daytime(but also suitable for night)
SKINTYPE: All, especially mature or aging
WHY WE LOVE IT: Smells like a rose garden, absorbs quickly
BENEFITS: Named for the marriage of Argan oil "Liquid Gold" and Rose oil, Argan Republic's Rose Gold Elixir combines Argan oil with nature's queen of the flowers, the rose. Rosehip oil and cherished Rose Otto create a mighty, aromatic blend to promote regeneration and the appearance of wrinkles,. It's perfect for firming and toning mature skin but suitable for all skin types, even great for fading scars and dark pigmentation. We use 100% pure bulgarian rose otto, a rare and valuable oil cherished for it's anti-aging benefits and timeless fragrance. The aromatic rose scent will relax you as you allow the best of nature erase your lines and nurture your skin.

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