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Rotating Ferris Wheel Photo Frame, 12 Photos Shows For 3.5x5in Photographs, Vintage Retro Picture Frame, Multiple Picture Frames With Glass Front, Fit for Stands Vertically on Desk Table Top

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Categories: Holidays , Home , Photo
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Product Details

Color:Bronze (we also have the white color version, but the stock is not avaiable till the end of July)

The rotating ferris wheel photo frame is a wonderful gift for families and friends. This multiple picture frame is perfect to display 12 photos, record the growing moments of your baby, capture those special moments!

Color: Bronze
Frames Size: 8.8" Long x 8" Wide x 13.4" High(22x20x33cm), holds twelve 3.5x5" pictures.
Material: plastics acrylic frames, glass panes protecting photos from dust and scratches.
Applications: Party, home decoration, holiday decor, Mother's day, Father's day, birthday gifts.

Reminds: The frame is come in parts, it requires some simple assemble work, please don't worry that it does come with assemble instruction and tools for the DIY work, hope you enjoy it!
1x Picture Frame Part(wheel,base,6xframes);
1x Assemble Instruction;
1x Accessories (Screws, Caps, Screwdriver)  

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