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Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats - Premium Omega 3 Supplement for Healthy Skin and Coat Allergy Joint Health – Wild Caught Alaskan Fish Oil in 500 mg Easy to Swallow Soft Gels Best for Small Dogs

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Salveo Petcare Omega-3 pet softgels are a great source EPA and DHA fatty acids, which are essential to ensure a balanced diet to maintain health and vitality of your dog. Most pet foods are too rich in Omega 6 compared to Omega 3 and this imbalance can cause health issues. Supplementing your dog's diet with Omega 3 helps restore the optimum Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio and improve health.Healthy Skin & Coat - Studies show that by increasing Omega-3 skin problems may improve including relieving itchy dry skin as well as thicker shiny coat with less shedding.Joint Benefits - Omega 3 reduces inflammation in the body and in turn may improve joint comfort and mobility. Our salmon oil dog food supplement together with Glucosamine may be a powerful combination to improve your dog's joint flexibility and vitality.Heart Health - Similar to humans, a diet with sufficient Omega 3 is thought may promote heart health and longevity.Cognition - there is evidence that DHA may be effective in promoting brain function particularly in older dogs.Our wild caught salmon oil is from the cold clean Alaska waters, it is GMO free and moleculary distilled for purity, eliminating any potential concerns from environmental contaminants.Our bottle contains advice on the suggested dosage based on veterinarian advice. It is recognised that recommended dosages of EPA and DHA vary and in some cases higher amounts are stated for dogs. Every dog is different and if higher doses are to be used it suggested you consult your vet based on your dog's specific needs. It also important to ensure your dog has a well balanced diet with other appropriate vitamins and nutrients.

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