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Salt and Pepper Grinder 2 in 1 Manual

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Why have two different salt and pepper grinders when you can have a smarter single combo pepper mill and salt shaker set designed to grind salt and pepper as well as many other spices one after another?
We bring to you an incredible solution that has many amazing
Features & benefits: Pepper Mill 2 in 1 by PGH - 2-in-1 salt and pepper grinder with 2 independent mills - minimal space, elegant appearance - Adjustable particle size in both salt grinders and mills to give you fine to coarse sizes - An incredible design with combination of metallic lining and see-through acrylic sections - Strong Acrylic & Food-grade Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel - durable design that's sure to last for years - See-through acrylic sections help you easily identify which side contains which spice - Superior sealing mechanism that keeps spices fresh and helps retain aroma - Efficient Grinding that works effortlessly - thanks to ceramic grinding mechanism - Can work with a variety of spices - black peppercorns, Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, etc. - Simply rotate the setting nut to adjust the size of the crushed particles - No risk of clogging within the grinder - Quality & Design that's often used in an upscale restaurant
GRINDER SAFETY TIPS - Though completely safe, supervision is recommended when this Grinder is used by or near children - For best results, the Grinder should not be used for other than intended use - It is recommended to thoroughly dry all the components of the Grinder after washing - moisture can affect the taste, aroma & performance of the Grinder
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