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Shimonfly Hiking Waist Pack - Waterproof Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder and Pockets for Large Smartphones - Waist Bag for Women and Men

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- EASY TO USE HIP PACK FOR WOMEN PLUS BANDANA: Large fanny pack for hiking, camping or traveling is water-resistant. KEEPS YOUR GEAR DRY on a rainy day. The tubular bandana is included
- EXTRA RESISTANT OUTDOOR FANNY PACK: Choose from many fanny packs for women, our bum bag! With a fully ADJUSTABLE STRAP sits on your hips WITHOUT SLIDING around. The hiking fanny pack with 3 POCKETS and 2 STRONG ZIPPERS ensures all the gear you need in a day trip
- THE PERFECT GIFT: LIGHTWEIGHT waist pouch easily fits large phones, keys, cash, cards, IDs, sunglasses or earphones. Works also as a fanny pack for kids over 8 years old and over 23” waist size
- ADVANCED DESIGN: The hiking fanny pack for men made of material waterproof with a BREATHABLE PAD BACKING, it ensures airflow between your hips and the hiking waist bag, KEEPING your waist DRY and FRESH
- GET READY FOR ADVENTURE: The EBOOK provided is filled with tips for packing efficiently while traveling. You will return home from your travels with great adventure stories

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