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SIDIS LABS SnoozEase Baby Soother For Newborns, Infants & Toddlers–-Soothing Vibrations Mimic Womb Sensation & Promote Better Sleep, Portable & Rechargeable

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SnoozEase Portable Baby Soother: The Mom-Approved Hack For Soothing Fussy Babies! Imagine if you didn't have to wake up every few hours to rock your baby back to sleep. Both you and your baby would be more well-rested, healthier and happier. Now with the SnoozEase Portable Baby Soother, you can make this dream a reality. Enjoy an uninterrupted night's sleep for both you and your baby! Why Choose The SnoozEase Baby Soother Machine By SIDIS LABS? ✯ Natural Soothing Vibrations & Sounds - our ground-breaking baby soother mimics womb sensations to help your baby feel more relaxed and soothed! ✯ Clinically Tested For Maximum Results - as parents ourselves, we know what you're going through - we wouldn't offer you a baby soother without thoroughly testing it first! ✯ Unparalleled Portability - you can attach it to your baby's stroller, car seat, carrier or anywhere else you need thanks to the lightweight construction and sturdy adjustable straps! ✯ Rechargeable Battery - unlike other baby soothers that require costly battery replacements every few days, our vibrating bedtime soother features a rechargeable battery that lasts for more than poweful 70 minutes ✯ Gradual Shut Off Function - help your baby stay asleep while saving battery life! But That's Not All! We know being a new parent can be difficult. That's why we offer you our exclusive Peace-Of-Mind 30 day full refund guarantee and a PREMIUM 1-year warranty! You can rest assured that if anything happens, we've got you covered! What Are You Waiting For? Add to cart, and consider getting one for a friend!

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