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Silicone Care Neck Pad - Set of 2 Neck Tape Wrinkle Pads for Neck Wrinkle Treatment and Prevention - Reusable Overnight Anti Wrinkle Remover for Collette

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Product Details
A wrinkle-free neck in one night? Blumbody Neck Silicone Wrinkle Pads are the newest innovation on the market that smooth, improve elasticity & uplift the neck skin.

Constantly looking down while scrolling your smartphone?
Are you exposed to sun or over tanned when you were younger?
Those lines start becoming more and more obvious even if you didn’t hit your 30’s yet?

NOT ANYMORE! Turn back the clock and make your NECK look much younger with the silicone pads for wrinkles. Like the Silicone Decollette Pad for Chest Wrinkles the neck tape lift has:

Wearing silicone anti wrinkle patches overnight repairs and rejuvenate the delicate skin of your neck & decollete while you sleep. The Silicone Neck Care Pad improves the collagen structure of your damaged skin and boosts blood flow to the area for better neck treatment. Forget about scarfs and turtleneck tops!
Like the anti wrinkle chest pad, neck patches for wrinkles work by tightening & plumping loose skin for an improved structure & appearance. Made from silicone that won’t irritate your skin, no harmful fillers, chemical adhesives or surgery.
Extremely thin, the silicone patches have the perfect shape eliminating the choking feeling other skin pads brands have. Clean them every 2 days with water or moisturizers free soap and enjoy their benefits for at least 30 days.

Don’t settle for sagging, aging skin anymore. Your neck & decollete can look as young and youthful as you feel with Blumbody silicon pads.

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