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Silicone Makeup Blender Applicator Tear-Drop Design Premium Make-Up for Powder, Concealer, Foundation and Cosmetic Blending Applicator

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A Truly Incredible & Versitile New Makeup Applicator that is the Ideal Solution for Liquid, Creams, Powder, Foundation, Concealer, Serums Including Face Creams! - The original silicone sponge that flawlessly shapes, blends & contours easliy and evenly every time. - Never use more makeup than you need. Our silicone blender eliminates all excess waste that saves you time and money How To Achieve Flawless A Application: 1) Simply apply a small amount of makeup on your skin 2) Dab and spread the makeup in a circular motion with the Silicone Makeup Sponge 3) Gently blend until even and smooth for full coverage BONUS TIP: Always use primer which helps promote foundation to go on smoothly and evenly Why Wait!? Simply Click The Add To Cart Button To Order Yours Today!

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