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SLIDEWHIZZER Outdoor 10ft Water Playground Slide: Summer Playset and Toys for your kids, children, toddlers, preschool, boys or girls, Backyard Equipment for Birthday/Parties/Gifts from Grandparent...

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Categories: Baby , Male , Toddler
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Product Details
Have you ever been at a loss as to how to keep children safely occupied during those long summer months or on a lazy afternoon when they are off from school? Innovatively designed and thoughtfully constructed for children, the SlideWhizzer 10-foot freestanding backyard wavy slide provides hours of fun while burning off energy and helping them to work on balance and motor development! Safety Comes First: With deep sides, wide steps, smooth metal handrails, support bar for slide stabilization, anchor pegs for further stabilization on lawns, this slide is perfectly safe for small toddlers and big kids; It exceeds ASTM Safety Standards CE Certified for maximum child safety. Innovatively designed: It converts easily into a water slide when a hose is attached (using clamps, hose barb; Hose not included). Perfect outdoor Playground Equipment: Slides are great for improving balance, coordination, and overall gross motor skills in children   How to turn your Slidewhizzer 10 ft slide into a water slide in 4 steps: 1. Obtain: 3/4 inch vinyl tubing, 2 hose clamps, 3/4 inch female GHT hose barb from your local hardware store. 2. Insert one end of tubing into water slide connector underneath top chute piece (component K). Secure with hose clamp. 3.Insert hose barb into the other end of the tubing. Secure with hose clamp. 4.Connect to water spigot Click on the add to cart button and get your SlideWhizzer 10-ft Slide right now! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Our SlideWhizzer 10-ft Slide is backed by the manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty.

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