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SLIDEWHIZZER stair slide outdoor/indoor playset toys – kids/toddler/boys/girls safe playground children at home – parents/grandparents gifts to your precious ones

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Do you have stairs in your house, apartment, or community/church building? Do your kids feel bored playing indoor during cold or rainy days? Would you like a safe, fun, supervision-free way to entertain kids in the house while you get some work done? Slide Whizzer is the perfect slide you’ve been looking for! “The Slide Whizzer's greatest play value lies in that it innovatively breaks these constraints of traditional playground slides. Due to its adjustable angles, it converts easily from an outdoor free-standing slide during the summer, to an indoor stair slide during the wintry months. This means year-round play and motor skill development for kids who love slides! Particularly for children who need to work on their sense of balance and gross motor skills even during rainy or snowy weather, this product is ideal without having to buy another equipment. Parents do not even need to leave the house or consider the distance they would have to travel to get to the playground to have their children play on a slide.” SAFE: Slide Whizzer comes with a safe and durable powder coated steel frame, handrails, and an adjustable bar (up to 44 inch) for attachment to stairs, you can turn virtually any stair into an indoor playground! EASY TO ASSEMBLE & STORE: With a stress-free packaging, easy-to-read instructions, and 3-sectioned slide chute, Slide Whizzer is quickly and easily assembled, portable, and taken down for storage. In addition, it is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back or free replacement guarantee. Click on the add to cart button and get your Slide Whizzer right now!

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