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Smartphone Belt Clip. Waist Belt Holster Clip for iPhone, iPod, Smartphone, Samsung, Galaxy. Easy & Plug Premium Quality Waist Belt Clip Smartphone Holder. Working Mobile Phone Holster Belt Cli...

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Categories: Mobile / Tablet / Apps , Gadgets
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Product Details
Unique Design Achoro Universal Waist Belt Clip Holds for All iPhone Model, iPod, Smartphone, Samsung, Galaxy.
Manage Phone Vertically Or Horizontally To Your Waist. Belt Clip Can Use with or Without Protective Case.
Use of Multiple Occasions Easy-To-Install Adhesive Adapter.
Safe and Quickly Accessible. Keep Your Smartphone Right in Reach Hook Phone While Working, and Walking.
Adjustment Between Vertical and Horizontal Positions Positive Locking Switch for A Secure Fit.
Recommends for Holding Your Smartphone Securely on Your Hip, Freeing Up Your Pockets. The Box: Universal Belt Clip + Holding Adapter.
Why should you consider this product?
Achoro Smartphone belt holder and supports major smartphone brand and MP3 Devices. It is uniquely designed belt mount with quick and lock function. Works with and without phone case and suitable to use for multiple purposes includes working, hiking, outdoor activities, etc.

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