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Sobotoo Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Electronic Mouse Repellent & Insect Repeller Plug in Pest Control,Pest Repellent for Mice,Rat,Bug,Roach,Ant,Mosquito, Safe for Human & Pets (1pcs)

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Why Choose Sobotoo Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent ?  ★Frequency conversion program repellent effect is better than Direct frequency ★Non-toxic & environment-friendly, safe for children, family and pets ★Wide coverage area: More than 870-1300 square feet in open space ★With LED night light function , it can light in night . ★Repels mosquitoes, mice, ants, rats, roaches, spiders, bugs, flies, rodents and more. Specification: 1, Supply voltage: 95-250V AC , 50/60HZ 2, Power consumption: ≤ 3W 3,Range of ultrasonic frequency : 18.8-70 KHZ ( automatically changing) 4, Sounds frequency of bionic wave : 8-55 KHZ 5, LED night light to choose 6,Effective Coverage : 80-120㎡per unit/870-1300sq.ft. 7, Four work modes: First: Mosquito repellent(18.8-55khz) Second:Drive cockroaches(8-30khz) Third: Drive rats (20-68khz) Fourth:Comprehensive Mixing Function ( above three modes cycle ) Note : 1, Please do not place the product outdoor , in high-temperature and wet environment or in water or other liquids . 2, Please tell the children in advance that it is forbidden to play with the product when it was connected to the power . 3,This product shall work continuously throughout the year and the product will take effect immediately after using . In general , the rodents will stop their activities after 7-20 days . 3, Make sure that the product is not blocked by furniture , electric appliance and other objects while using . The mode of transmission of ultrasonic is similar to that of light wave and it will not penetrate solid door , wall ,furniture ,etc. Please use multiple products in large room or irregular room. 4, It is forbidden for non-professionals to disassemble the product for maintenance with permission to avoid electric shock or cause safety accident .

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