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Are you wondering how to gather a following on social media and monetize it? This book is the answer you've been looking for. Social media has become a critical part of your life. More than half of the adult population engages with social media. Where there are people, there is a market. Thus, social media has become a huge marketplace in its own standing. This has brought about the need for marketers to consider using social media marketing as a way of reaching out to their existing and potential customers. You too can take advantage of social media marketing to drive your business by monetizing your followers. This book has been specifically written to enable you to use learn and use proven social media marketing strategies to grow and monetize your social media following. The book begins by introducing to you the importance of social media marketing to your business and implying that you need to be using it. It proves to you the immense benefits that you are missing out on and you are likely to gain should you start carrying out social media marketing. Every marketer knows that there is no standard marketing approach. The same applies to social media marketing. Thus, this book introduces you to different types of social media marketing strategies. It goes further by showing you on how you can employ each of these strategies to grow and monetize your following. There are several dozens of social media marketing platforms on the internet today. Each of these platforms presents its own unique features, which makes it attract its own unique members. This book focuses on top six social media marketing platforms that can help you to optimize monetization of your following – Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It shows you how you can optimize each social media platform for business, create a following, build a community and harvest money from your endeavors. Finally, you have to choose the best of these six social media platforms. It is practically difficult to use all due to time constraints and the type of targeted audience. Thus, you will need certain specific parameters to guide you on how to select the best two or three for your unique social media marketing.

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