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Soft Bonnet Hooded hair dryer Attachment-for Natural Curly Textured Hair Care | Drying, Styling, Curling, Deep Conditioning Mask Cap | Upgraded Soft Adjustable Large Hood Bonnet for Hand Held Dryer

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Do you embrace your beautiful, natural hair? So you‘re thinking about starting your natural hair journey, or have already started your journey. But you’re realizing the struggle is real. There are so many rules, methods, products, hair types – anyone else need a sedative? 

But no matter what struggles you face, the Beaute Seoul Bonnet Soft Hood Dryer Attachment can be a good partner on your journey.
Hair care does not necessarily mean spending precious time and money in hair salons. All you need is the Beaute Seoul Bonnet Soft Hood Dryer Attachment and your favorite hair care products.
  • It is made with waterpoof material meant to stand the test of time and many drying/conditioning sessions. 
    Adjustable large bonnet hood allows you to adjust the fit around your head size, hairstyle, hair accesories (rollers, clips, flexirods). 
    Wide hose size (10 inches perimeter) allows for a robust flow of warm air to your hair while you set, style, and condition.
    Long hose (about 3.5 feet) allows for easy movement.
    Hose opening stretches up to 4.5 inches wide to fit any standard size handheld dryer. 
    Avoid the annoying slip off of the dryer with the opening of the hose lined with gripping silicone material. 
    Evenly distributed hole openings in the hood for a consistent, gentle flow just like at the salon. 

Perfect For :
Deep conditioning treatments / Conditioning, Drying Sessions Wrap / Roller Sets Drying Extensions Natural / Long, thick, curly hair

Best used on the dryer's LOW setting
Hand washable
Dryer not Included
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