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ST19 LED Bulb Dimmable Edisonbulb, 60W Incandescent Equivalent, Warm White Light, UL listed

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Dimmable Edison Light Bulb Filament Bulb: Vintage LED edison bulbs, with high brightness,360-degree lighting angle and soft warm white light,perfect to build up warm and relaxing atmosphere,suitable for home,coffeet shop,mall and bar decorations.

2200K Warm White Dimmable LED Edison Bulbs
* Base: E26
* Shape: ST19(ST60)
* Voltage: AC 120V
* Light Color: Warm White(2200K)
* Lumen:400LM
* CRI:>80
* Watt: 5.5W (60W Incandescent Replacement)
* Dimmable: Yes
* Service Life: 20000 hours
* Warranty: 2 Years
* Application: indoor lighting, landscape lighting

Applicable Dimmer Models:
★Lutron: MACL-153M, S2-L, DVM-603PG, TGCL-153P, DVCL-153P, PD-6WCL, SCL-153P, DV-600P, DVLV-600P, DVELV-303P, MAELV-600 ★Leviton: 0D1805, IPL06, REL06, 1C1305, DSL06, 6613-P(1H1305), 6631, 6647, 6672, 6674, 6683(1F15I1) ★Pass & Seymour: HCL453P, H703PT

Package List: 1 * Beslam E26 Dimmable LED Edison Bulb Warm White 2200K

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