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Stainless Steel Oil Spraying Cookware

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Categories: Cooking
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  • Stainless steel oil sprayer, a good cookware designed for the housewife.
    Stainless steel design, smooth and glossy, simple and elegant, good gripping.
    Perfect for spraying seasoning when roasting, grilling, basting, barbecuing, baking or cooking.
    Versatile kitchen tool - not only for oil but also can put soy sauce, vinegar, lemon and lime juice, sherry or Marsala wine in it.
    Help to control the amount of seasoning used in cooking, avoiding waste.
    Ensure full use of oil, much better and more convenient than using a brush or spoon. 
    Easy to use spray style, just one gentle click on the top of the bottle, the oil will spray out of the mouth.
    A good kitchen tool helps to cook a delicious dish, salad, and bread.
    Gushing quantity are different according to your pressing strength.

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