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Surearly Digital Ovulation Test Kit Includes Easy to Use Reader & 20 Interchangeable Testing Strips. Maximize Chances of Natural Pregnancy. Over 99% Accurate in LH Surge Detection.

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  • Surearly digital ovulation test helps you in maximizing the chances of getting pregnant naturally. You no longer have to play the guessing game on which days are the best for you! With our test, you can easily find your 2 most fertile days.
    Our ovulation test is over 99% accurate in detecting the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Surge. During LH Surge, ovulation is most likely to occur and Surearly helps detect the most fertile period for you.
    With our easy to read and understand digital reader, you no longer have to deal with confusing lines to see the results. When it's the perfect time for you, the reader will show "YES" with a heart. It will show a simple "NO" if it's not the right time.
    Our kit comes with 1 digital reader and 20 interchangeable individually sealed test sticks, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use it right. Please read the instructions completely and carefully before beginning your test.
    After following the simple to use instructions, you can get your test results in about 3 minutes and the results will remain on the digital display for 5 minutes. Congratulations!

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