Tinland Handheld Mirror 9.8x4.5in (Pink) Campaign

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Tinland Handheld Mirror Handle Vintage Compact Personal Makeup Vanity Travel Skin Dental Care Salon 9.8x4.5in (Pink)

Campaign ID: C123855
Categories: Beauty , Travel Accessories , Fashion
Shipping Method: Amazon (FBA or FBM)
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Retail Price: $8.99 $2.7

Product Details
Color:Pink Color Option:White/Black/Pink Product Dimension: 9.84in x4.5in Mirror Dimension: 4.7in x 3.7in Weight: 0.09kg

- Handy and portable for both home and travel use.
- Lightweight won’t be too bulky even holding for long use
- Classical vintage style with Embossed design ,delicate looking.
- Suitable for skin care, makeup details,dental care, beauty salon etc.
- Carving handle anti-slipping from accidental drop

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