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Tolifo Pt-64 64 LED Camera Camcorder Light Panel Mounted on DSLR DV Video Camera With Daylight 5600K Portable Dimmable Camera Camcorder Led Panel Video

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Tolifo PT-64 LED camera light panel delivers the light with mighty power and balanced luminance. There is white filter for duffusion. You can control the brightness and color temperature as desired by turning on the dimmers. With 360°ball head, the angle of the light head can be easily changed to the desired. Release the battery compartment, put in 6*AA or insert NP-F lithium battery, you will start your photography journey immediately without any wire trouble. Alternatively connect the light panel with AC power supply if you run out of the batteries. Enjoy your time of photography with this LED camera light! (All the batteries and cameras are props only, not for sale) Specifications: Output power 5W CRI≥85% Luminous flux 600LM Illumination 1M:620LX;2M:140LX;3M:75LX LED qty 160 pcs Color temperature 3200K-5600K Dimmer 10%-100% Lifespan 50000h Battery type NP-F550/750 Voltage DC6-17V Package Includes 1*LED camera light panel 1*Ball head 1*White filter 1*Orange filter

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