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Product Details
TRAVEL PILLOW Main travel pillow by main thighs It is a unique neck support travel pillow which created especially for those who cares about comfortable traveling. Travel neck pillow will ensure your comfort on a flight, car trip or anywhere you'd like to take it with you. Travel neck pillow is lightweight and easy to handle. It can be easily attached to the suitcase handle or backpack. Therefore, it is very compact compared to similar products containing memory foam. TRAVEL PILLOW IS GOING TO BECOME AN IRREPLACEABLE ACCESSORY IN YOUR EVERY ADVENTURE. Memory foam support will guarantee you the most comfortable sleep during both short and long trips. It is made from top quality memory foam to target proper alignment and maximum head and neck support. The fluffy fleece cover makes the neck support extra soft and cozy. Fleece cover is easily removable and washable that make care for it absolutely effortless.

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