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Ubitree American Flag,Small American Flag 60 Pack Hand Held Wood Stick with Round Top,Party Decorations Supplies for Parades,World Cup, 4Th Of July, Sport Events,Celebration

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MULTI-PURPOSE SMALL AMERICAN FLAGS - reusable year after year for Independence Day July 4th parades, celebrate President's Day, Patriot's Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Boy Scout and Girl Scout expeditions, servicemen returning home and honor flights. With a full 60 of these flags, you'll have enough for almost any purpose or occasion.  Feature: 1.Top quality hand-held flags:Made from woven fabric and wooden staffs with elegant wood round top, these are great-looking american flag; much nicer than the cheap-looking all-plastic variety. 2.Great decorations:Perfect decorations for American themed party,these mini american flag are great for parades,parties,desk decorations,you can also put the flag in the backyard,garden,golf course,playground,flower pot and more. 3.Our guarantee:We truly care about customer service & want to deliver a great overall experience. 100% Money Back Guarantee! note 1.Ensure that pictures and in-kind exactly the same, if there is any discrepancy, please return 2.Our banners will not fade if the rain gets wet. If there is a discoloration, please return it 3.Banner after use, easy to fold, can be used multiple times If you have any questions, please contact us!

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