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Ultrasonic Animal Repeller + BONUS Mole Repellent 2-Pack | Solar Powered Waterproof Pest Control System For Garden, Farm & Yard With Infrared Motion Sensor | Repel Rodents, Foxes, Raccoons &amp...

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Finally You Can Repel Pests & Rodents, Save Money & Protect Your Precious Plants With ZERO Effort! If you are looking for a convenient, cost-effective and efficient ultrasonic rodent deterrent that will help keep your garden pest-free, cut down on your electric bills and protect your flowers, then you should look no further! The New CHIKOREL Electronic Outdoor Animal Repeller Is Here! Unlike all those cheaply-made rat deterrent devices that rarely work and break down easily, our heavy-duty and efficient electronic squirrel repellent is designed to chase away unwanted animals and offer you that much-needed peace of mind. Why Choose The CHIKOREL Outdoor Ultrasonic Pest Control System? SUPER-EASY TO USE – just place it into your garden or lawn soil and turn it on. It’s that simple. The high-tech solar panels will keep it charged 24/7 while the motion sensor will immediately detect pests and start emitting ultrasonic sounds. ECO-FRIENDLY & HUMANE – no need to set dangerous traps, no need for chemical products, poisons or pesticides anymore. Our ultrasonic portable wireless mouse repellent will keep wild animals at bay without killing them. A COMPLETE PEST CONTROL SOLUTION – now you can protect your home, family and garden from foxes, raccoons, rats, mice, rabbits, skunks, stray dogs, stray cats, birds, squirrels and moles thanks to our all-inclusive electronic animal deterrent kit! What Makes Our Ultrasonic Animal Repellent So Special? Sensitive IR Motion Sensor Advanced Recharging Solar Panels Weatherproof & Waterproof Construction Easy Installation & Discreet Design Coverage Area: 2.425 Square Feet Don’t Hesitate! Click “Add To Cart” NOW & Say Goodbye To Pesky Animals Once & For All!

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