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Unisex Lighted Beanie Cap

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Categories: Clothing , Men's Fashion
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Product Details
Features: Rechargeable LED hands free flashlight. Warm and comfortable winter knit cap hat. Stretch to sizes, fit most people. Extremely useful for night dog walking, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, jogging, handyman working and other night outdoor activities. Besides, it's great for casual wear as warm Knit Cap in winter or cold weather. Package includes: 1 * Rechargeable LED Lighted Beanie Hats The self-contained flashlight has a removable tip that uses a USB port to slide into a power bank, notebook computer, USB power port, etc. And it's well made. The hat keeps you warm, covering the entire head down to the ears. Charge & Wash tips: 1.Pull out one side of the led light. 2.Then back into the hole Vertically. 3.Take the full Circuit out.

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