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Universal Sports Armband, Wristband for Smartphone, Samsung, iPhone. Smartphone Sports Premium Armband, Workout Wristband Phone Holder for Running, Cycling Gym Jogging, and Sport

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Categories: Mobile / Tablet / Apps , Sporting Goods , Gadgets
Shipping Method: Amazon (FBA or FBM)
Retail Price: $16.99 $6.97

Product Details
Quickly and Securely Mount and Easily Remove the Smartphone, iPhone, iPod, Samsung, MP3 from the Arm.
Positive Looking. Easy to install and secure smartphone.
Convenient to Use for Multiple Purpose Such as Workout, Running, Hiking, etc.
Universal Adaptor Adheres to The Back of Smartphones or Most of the Phone Cases with Smooth Flat Surface on.
The Back With Built-In Magnet & Clip Locking Mechanism Fits Arms 8.5 To 19" Around.
Not Compatible With Silicone Case, Rubber Case, Wood Case, Rough Surface Case
Why should you consider this product?
Achoro Smartphone Armband Uniquely designs armband with quick and lock function. It functions with and without phone case. In addition, it is a universally compatible armband and compatible with the major Smartphone and MP3. It is adjustable and convenient to use while you're working out, hiking and running.

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