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Universal Travel Power Adapter with Dual USB Charging Ports International Worldwide AC Wall Outlet Plug Charger Type A, Type G, Type F, Type I for US, UK, Europe, AUS

Campaign ID: C121248
Categories: Electronics , Travel Accessories
Shipping Method: Amazon (FBA or FBM)
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Retail Price: $12.99 $1.95

Product Details
- ★Available for the one large and one small US type A plug. AC socket is workable in over 150 countries.
- ★Security standard, built-in 6.3A fuse to protect against short circuit.
- ★Charge 3 devices at the same time. Dual USB Ports allows for charging of USB devices, and the AC power socket can work for a third device.
- ★COMPACT: 4 different plugs in one. No need to take multiple charges.
- ★CAUTION: NOT a power converter. Please DO NOT use on high power appliances like hairdryers, flattening, curling irons, etc. Input 110 to 265V (660W max. at 110Vac. 1380W max. at 230Vac), output: 5VDC

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