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UProtective Ankle Support Adjustable Brace with Compression Starps Protection for Sports Running Basketball Football Baseball Rugby Playing

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UProtective adjustable ankle support with compression starps Specification: Sizing: measure circumference of ankle bone. Adjustable size: 10-15" Ankle support color: black. Ankle support material: 35% copper nylon,65% neoprene. Adjustable and open-heel design Ankle Support includes an open-heel design which can be worn comfortably on either foot,and accommodates a broad variety of sizes with adjustable Velcro straps which can be attached to any point of the exterior surface. The best protection for ankle Ankle supports apply therapeutic pressure across your ankle joint.Enjoy relief from ailments including plantar fasciitis,arthritis,sprains,swelling,muscle fatigue, tendonitis and other ankle pain.It is perfect for training support for ankle movement and arch support,baseball,basketball,crossfit,soccer,golf,walking, hiking,running Benefit of ankle support Reducing the risk of sports-related injuries common to running,basketball, soccer,football,and aerobics. Supporting ankle injuries (ligament instability, sprain, or muscle strain). Accelerating natural recovery to the ankle region. High-elastic and moisture wicking material High-elastic and moisture wicking material boosts localized blood circulation and provides soothing warmth,accelerating the body's natural recovery; perforations ensure breathability,meaning it can be worn comfortably underneath socks against the skin throughout the day. Soft and comfortable The soft and lightweight material provides fairly smoothing pressure and medium support to the ankle part. Whether you have a long day at work or out for an activity.It is comfortable enough to be worn all a day. Package include 1X Ankle Support.

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