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Vetiver Essential Oil - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade for Sleep, Face, Relaxation, Diffuser - 10ml

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  Aroma Due to the grass’ earthy and distinctive woody aroma with hints of balsamic deep root-like base note, emanates a more masculine scent that has a very pleasant and musky smell which has a cooling effect on the body and the mind. This sweet and smoky fragrant of Gya Labs™ Vetiver Essential Oil is a reminiscent of tranquility.   Key Benefits                                   Help to restore good complexion and slows down the effects of aging. Heals scars by promoting the regeneration of skin and tissue. Rejuvenates the skin and removes dark spots or signs of acne and pox. Effectively treats stretch marks, cracks and other skin disorders.    Uses Use 5–10 drops of vetiver oil in bath water to prevent overheating and helps with relaxation and insomnia. For a more calming result, combine vetiver oil with lavender and rose essential oils mixture with bath or by diffusing it. Diffuse 3–5 drops of vetiver oil or place 1–2 drops on wrists, chest and neck to soothe anxiety and nervousness. Mixing 3–5 drops of vetiver oil with equal parts jojoba oil for a home DIY massage oil.

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