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WayEee Ear Plugs for Sleeping, 60 Pairs Ultra Soft Foam 34dB NRR Earplugs, with Aluminum Carry Case, Soft Ear Plugs Noise Reduction for Hearing Protection, Sleeping, Concerts, Snoring and Loud Even...

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Categories: Eco Friendly , Health
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Need Sound Sleep? - WayEee Foam Ear Plugs, is your best choice!Instructions for Use:1. Roll: Clean hands and then roll the earplug gently. Firmly roll to make it as small as possible. 2. Pull: Pull the top of ear up and back to open ear canal.3. Insert: Quickly insert the rounded tip into ear canal.4. Hold: With forefinger earplug hold in place until it expands and form a comfortable fit. Please follow the instructions to fit the WayEee earplugs. Improper use will reduce effectiveness. Through thousand tests, we found out that wearing the ear plugs directly will nearly make them lose efficacy. We highly recommend you to follow the 'Four Steps' :Roll, Pull, Insert, Hold to wear WayEee foam earplugs. Please don't push them hard directly into your ears, it will hurt ear canal and make earplugs reduce effectiveness.

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