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Whisk Wiper - Wipe a Whisk Easily - Multipurpose Kitchen Tool, Made In USA - Includes 11" Stainless-Steel Whisk (Color: Glass Blue)

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Whisk Wiper® is the popular multipurpose whisk-cleaning kitchen tool. Cleaning a whisk no longer has to be messy, wasteful, and tedious.Clean it fast: wipe your whisk in just seconds.Save the recipe: save all that food that would normally go to waste.Keep the kitchen clean: mount your whisk on the bowl, counter, and standing up - Whisk Wiper even catches drips.It's a spatula too: Whisk Wiper's unique design allows you to wipe out the bowl - even bowls with square corners.Whisk Wiper includes a professional, 11", stainless-steel whisk that's perfectly-fitted to Whisk Wiper. Whisk Wiper's sleek, modern design adds a contemporary touch to any kitchen.Hand-wash only.How to use: First, line up the loops and attach Whisk Wiper to the whisk. Whisk away. When you're ready, slowly remove Whisk Wiper and return all that food to the bowl.Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee What People Are Saying "Whisk Wiper is the baking tool that makes baking 1,000 times easier. Why didn't anyone think of making this sooner?" - Delish.com"Whisk Wiper is about to make baking cleanup so much easier." - MarthaStewart.com"You better believe I will be using a whisk for everything. My final verdict? I'm sold." - Core77.com Patent protected.

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