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Windshield Sun Shade, Keep Vehicle Cool Protect Your Car Front Windshield from Sun Heat & Glare Best UV Ray Visor Protector (Size:63"X35")

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Are you wandering how to keep your car cooler even if it sits under the sun for hours? LOOK HERE ----- Hippo Car Sun Shade is The Solution! ☀ Extreme UV rays often cause fading, cracking, and serious damage to your car interior, with Hippo Car Sunshade, you will surely have a long lasting and beautiful car interior for years! ☀ Hippo car sunshade is coated with Silver nylon that blocks 99% of the UV rays. Fast and easy to use. Installs & folds in seconds. What a breeze! ☀ Feel more comfort on a road trip or vacation, park your car under the sun and install your Hippo Car Sunshade and get back on a COOLER Car! It's Amazing! ☀ Perfectly fits most car windshields and it's available in Jumbo size that will surely fit in your vehicle. What To Expect When You Receive It? ✔ It comes in cool and stylish pouch for easy storage ✔ Folds-down to 1/10 of original size for compact storage and comes with a stylish pouch or quick and flat storage! ✔ Made of premium metallic reflective polyester (nylon) materials and blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays! ✔ Perfectly fits most car windshields and is available in standard size to fit all automotive solutions. This is why I recommend Hippo car sun shade to you! Enjoy using your sun shade for a long time with our 1 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Go ahead and click the "Add To Cart" button at the top right of this page, and get your new sun shade in a few days!

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