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Wine Chuckle Feed n Flip Dog Feeding Sign Reminder - A Cute & Stylish Fun Family Way to Keep Track of Dog Feeding in Your Home

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* Are You Tired of Wondering if Someone Else already Fed the Dog? * Is Your Dog Playing You For an Extra Meal? * Your Friends will ask "Where did You Get that Cute Little Thing! * The Feed n Flip Dog Feeding Sign Will Eliminate the Second Guessing.. * Now You Can Easily tell if Your Little Trickster Dog is Playng You For a Second Meal. * Cute, Functional & Attractiveb * No Sliding parts to break, Jam Up or get filled with Food, Dust or Pet Hair. * Money Back Guarantee * Makes a Unique one of a kind Useful Gift for DogLovers. * Slightly less than 4 x 4 Inches and is EASY to READ. * Saves Money on Extra Food & helps Prevent Obesity, Fun For the Whole Family. Cute and Stylish look. * Doesn't Look Like Grampa's Modified Pill Organizer. * Fun for Kids * Shows your Fun Side and Sense of Humor. * Fun for Kids Too. They will want to Help Feed the Dog.(Umm...maybe) * Strong Magnet Will NOT FALL OFF but is still easy to Flip.

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