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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AncordWorks with FM Radio With Antenna and Alarm Clock Portable Lightweight Sound System Stylish Durable Waterproof Crystal Clear Audio 8W Black

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Product Details
  • -ENJOY YOUR FAVOURITE MUSIC ON-THE-GO! – If you like listening to your favourite songs while at the office, in the park or on camping trips, then you’ll absolutely love the portable and lightweight design of the AncordWorks AW45 wireless Bluetooth speaker! Its versatility and incredible design will make your life easier and will surely impress all you friends!
    -NO MORE PLUGGING & UNPLUGGING FOR YOU! – You’ll never have to struggle with wires anymore, since the AW45 portable Bluetooth audio system is 100% wireless. All you have to do is pair to your device via Bluetooth 4.2 and start streaming your music or make hands-free phone calls using the amazing echo cancellation feature! And the best part? It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents!
    -ALWAYS CARRY YOUR FAVOURITE SONGS WITH YOU! – Our sleek and minimalistic Bluetooth wireless sound system is designed with your maximum convenience in mind. Since it’s made of German ABS resin and PC material, you can rest assured that it’s lightweight but also heavy-duty! The ergonomic built-in plastic loop will make it easier to carry and the non-slip base will make sure it always stays put!
    -SCAN, SAVE & LISTEN TO FM RADIO ANYWHERE YOU ARE! – The AncordWorks AW45 premium Bluetooth speaker features a unique, wrap around, ultra-sensitive FM radio antenna, so you can always listen to your favourite FM radio stations. And the bright LED screen will not only allow you to see the frequency so you can easily save radio stations for next time, but also double as a handy and easy-to-use alarm clock!
    -SOPHISTICATED & STYLISH, JUST LIKE YOU! - The AW45 wireless speaker is the epitome of innovative design and premium construction. You’ll find an AUX port for enhanced connectivity and a handy TF card slot for extra storage options. Plus, it comes with our exclusive, hassle-free, full refund guarantee! So, why wait any longer?

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