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Wireless Weather Station

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- All-in-One Functions: Weather and humidity forecast with record min/max values, 12 / 24-hour format and dual alarm clock ( snooze option ). Temperature alerts, trend arrow, calendar, reception and low battery indicators.
- Easy-to-Read Display: The color display features 3 different lighting settings, ensuring you can easily read the information you want at a glance. 6 weather forecast icons display with wireless remote sensor ( Range of up to 324FT / 99M ).
- Power Bank: Houzetek weather station comes with integrated USB charging port, used as a power bank charges your mobile phones when powered by adapter.
- Sound Control Backlight: When powered by batteries, backlight on by sound or hands shaking controlled, atomatically turn off after 8 seconds. LED backlight lighting all the time with AC adapter.
- 2 Ways to Empower: AC power adapter (Included) plays the main role. 3 x AAA batteries ( Not included )can continue ability to be used in blackout accident. 

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