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Workout Mask | Training Mask High Altitude Running Peak Resistance Breathing Oxygen Sport Fitness Cardio Endurance Gym Jogging Exercise Men Women Adult Elevation Simulation HIIT Trainer

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Product Details
WHPH is the dynamic Training Mask for all Workout & Fitness Exercise Indoor or Outdoor - It will boost endurance train your breathing muscles and improves your overall performance in any sports. Why Choose our Sports Training Breathing Mask? CHALLENGE YOUR LIMITS: Wearing our WORK HARD PLAY HARD mask allows athletes to manually adjust resistance levels by limiting the amount of air entering the mask. It works like a dumbbell for your lung muscles shaping your LUNG MUSCLES to build up more LUNG CAPACITY.LAST FOR YEARS: It's crafted with soft elastic lightweight and PREMIUM comfortable materials on the market that will last for a long time. Our mask is nicely stitched and with STRONG VELCRO strap for perfect tightness. AIRTIGHT SEAL: Our endurance mask mouth cover is designed with perfectly airtight seal around your face to improve your respiratory CONDITION STRENGHT POWER and enhanced recovery.HIGH PERFORMANCE: It will give you the STAMINA ENDURANCE and workout capacity you need to stay the course and get results.COMFORTABLE: We use comfortable adjustable and breathable material for MAXIMUM comfort and convenience. We use ONE SIZE for most MEN and WOMEN. Used all around the world for: MMA / Boxing / track & field / NFL / Cycling / Baseball / Hockey / Tennis /Swimmers   We Provide You with: - TOP QUALITY PRODUCT - GENUINE CUSTOMERS SUPPORT - 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Click on the Yellow "Add to Cart" button above Now to MAXIMIZE your potential and experience the RESULTS you deserve.  Go ahead and "ADD TO CART NOW" before it’s too late!

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