XYUN Wine Stopper Set - Wine Pump with 3.5" Handle and 2 Vacuum Wine Bottle Stoppers - 2 Silicone Bottle Stoppers Campaign


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XYUN Wine Stopper Set - Wine Pump with 3.5" Handle and 2 Vacuum Wine Bottle Stoppers - 2 Silicone Bottle Stoppers,Keep Wine & Champagne Fresh

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How to handle the rest wine? Sometimes we couldn't finish a whole bottle but don't know how to handle the rest. Our product could solve such problems by keeping wines fresh and tasty for up to 15 days.How does it work? Vacuum Pump removes air from the bottle and reseals it with vacuum wine stoppers. Air-tight vacuum prevents wines from deteriorating. They could be kept the same condition as newly opened.What makes our product popular?1.Ergonomic design Ergonomically designed 3.5" handle allows you to vacuumize bottles elegantly. Grip top on silicone wine stopper helps you to reopen easily. Different from most similar product, come and have a try. 2.Keep wine fresh: It prolongs the freshness and you can enjoy different wines at the same time without worrying about the rest. As for sparkling wines, no air-tight vacuum needed, wine stopper with grip top could also keep them fresh.3.Easy to use: Step 1: Insert the vacuum wine stopper into the bottle Step 2: Put the vacuum pump on the other side Step 3: Pull the handle repeatedly until you feel strong air resistance. Air-tight vacuum achieved when it's difficult to pull again. Step 4: Press the "Push" button and you can easily remove it if you want to pour the wine. More instructions on the back of the packing box.Tips: Vacuum wine saver pump is not suitable for sparkling wines.4.Excellent gift idea: Weddings, parties and anniversaries, our product could be the best gift for your friends and workmates.5.Premium quality Made of high strength ABS and FDA Approved food grade silicon, they are durable and 100% free of toxins. No slightest damage to the taste and freshness, just enjoy your favorite wines.What's in the box: 1*Wine saver pump(6.2*1.1*1.1",3.5" handle ) 2*Black vacuum silicone wine stoppers(1.8*1.5*1.5") 2*Ordinary bottle stoppers(1*1*2.6") 1*Packing box

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