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Zone – 365 Maternity Belt / Support, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support, Two Sizes, Beige (S/M)

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The excitement of pregnancy is our drive and passion in developing a comfortable no-non-sense Maternity Belt Solution. Do maternity belts help? The Zone - 365 Maternity Belt helps you to decrease your Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), growing uterus strain, and excessive weight gain. In turn, the maternity belt helps to reduce your pregnancy discomfort while adhering to our customers' welfare in mind by using the highest of craftsmanship standards and materials. Normally your pelvic joints (3) exist to make sure that no one part of your hip can move independently of the others. But! You know all those pregnancy hormones you start churning out the moment your body knows its been impregnated. Well the pregnancy hormone Relaxin (hahahah) has the job of preparing your hips for birth by loosening those three pelvic joints. Unfortunately, this makes for a very uncomfortable experience. This results in the trademark 'waddle' Not to meantion all the downward pressure on those Relaxin-ated joints. Now, here is how the belt helps.... The belt heps by cinching the newly stretched joints closer together, making them feel a bit more like they used to and reduces the pain. How should I weart? Wear it as comfortably snug as you can get it. Wear it under your maternity skirt or on top. We actually get compliments on good this maternity belt looks compared to the old school ones. Because looks mean a lot! Rather you are in search for the best Maternity Belt, Maternity Girdle, or Prenatal Cradle...look no further, Zone - 365 has got you covered.. Literally!

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