Ecommerce Mistakes, We have all made them but what is the right way to avoid them. You have been busy trying to figure out what works best; paid search, organic search, email marketing or affiliate marketing, right? This might stun you, but none of these work as brilliantly as this unsung hero of internet marketing, i.e. ecommerce influencer marketing.

Don’t feel like believing me? What about these survey results shared by Tomoson, according to which influencer marketing has turned out to be the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel lately.

In fact, the survey results also confirm that influencer marketing returns $6.50 for every $1 invested on it.

This is what inspires 59% of the marketers surveyed to fuel up their influencer marketing budgets even further for next 12 months.

However, since this marketing strategy is still in its infancy, many people tend to go wrong about it, which ends up harming them more than benefiting. So, here I am with these 5 influencer marketing mistakes to avoid if you want to get the best out of your influencer marketing campaign. These are the ecommerce mistakes you need to avoid.

Partnering with wrong influencers – It’s not always about size

It’s not much unlikely to get distracted when the noise around you is too high, just like the buzz social media has been creating lately, bringing into limelight people with high number of fans and followers. This compels people and brands to partner with influencers having more fans and followers than relevancy and significance for them, much to their own dismay. This can be one of the major ecommerce mistakes!

To make sure you don’t fall victim to partnering wrong influencers, set clear goals and objectives you want out of your campaign. These goals and objectives should resonate with brand values, taking the demographics into consideration along with the reach, aura and message of the influencer, ensuring that he/she is the best match for the cause.

In fact, you should go a step ahead and run a thorough screening process to make certain that the representatives of your brands are well aligned with objectives of your brand. These stats published on Entrepreneur might give you a better insight on how impactful right influencers can be for your brand:

Failing to organize your campaigns

If you plan on running your influencer campaign halfheartedly, you better don’t do it at all, because unorganized campaigns can work against you rather than working in your favor.

Once you have clearly defined your desired goals and objectives for the campaign, complement them with an organized system and flow where all activities and task are directed and aligned to accomplish them.

Map your moves using an editorial calendar ….. every single one of them, tracking individual steps in your campaign alongside your influencer’s responsibilities, commitments, follow-up moves or any other goal tracking schedules you have chosen to include in the campaign. The best way to keep things under control is to keep your influencer campaigns organized to avoid ecommerce mistakes and tracked right from the start.

Ecommerce Mistakes By Failing to communicate

Seamless communication with influencers is one of the basic requisites of a successful influencer marketing campaign. Otherwise, a brand fails in leveraging its audience in absence of strategic communication with people who have the power to drive the audience.

Follow an organized program containing the details of how and when you will be connecting with the influencers driving your marketing campaign. Make sure they have a thorough understanding of the outcomes of your campaign, totally aware of how various social media activities help accomplish your desired goals.

Inability to leverage the power of hashtags – Failing to tag your influencer

Do you know how influencer marketing campaigns work for ecommerce ventures? Well, they are meant to stimulate, initiate and escalate conversations to spread awareness on a particular topic. Missing out on critical information in social sharing can slash the outreach of your campaign, marring its significance and true potential.

One of the best ways to expand the outreach of your ecommerce influencer marketing campaigns is to leverage on the power of hashtags (#). Improve your knowledge and awareness about how they work best. Those of you not quite familiar with how these (hashtags #) work; they serve as a kind of label which can organize topics and conversations on social media platforms.

Those of you who have already been using Twitter and Instagram must be aware that they can be anything; witty, sarcastic, joyful ……… just anything you could imagine. Make sure you use them rightly, because using them wrongly can harm your influencer campaign as strongly as it can boost it up when used rightly. Too many or too few of them can get your audience confused. You must not only have ample knowledge of the platform, but also how hashtags work best on different platforms.

To give you a better idea of how hashtags work on different platforms, this breakdown by DOZ is great.

Not bringing your website up to par

Many people lose it out here, unfortunately. Why? Because they wrongly believe that it’s only up to the influencers to make it work, and because of this, they fail to keep things up at their end, not bringing their website up to par.

There is a lot of prelaunch hype behind successful influencer marketing campaigns. You start spreading the word, just as your influencer starts teasing about it. You make sure your stock is available and ready and then you pull the trigger.

This is the most critical moment in determining the success of your influencer campaign, how you handle it after the campaign is launched and people flock in to buy.

If you fail in keeping your website up to par technically after the launch of your influencer campaign, you will not only tarnish the image of your brand with lots of disgruntled customers, but your relationship with your influencer might also suffer. This might put their reputation before their loyal social audiences on stake. So, you must bring your website up to par by:

  • Setting up a fully functional and well optimized landing page for your influencer campaign. Resort to tools like Optimizely and Market Hero for A/B testing different elements of your landing page, keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t.
  • Making your website mobile ready, because by 2020, mobile commerce will constitute about 45% of cumulative ecommerce, which equals $284 billion in ecommerce sales, according to a publication on DIGIDAY.
  • Socializing your campaign page exclusively; for example by resorting to referralcandy if you have a Magento site and Get Ambassador if your ecommerce site is on Shopify. This will ease out your influencers as well as audience in sharing your campaign pages and earning commissions.

Over to you now

Well, this concludes my list of essential tips to improve your influencer marketing campaign and avoid Ecommerce Mistakes, but this surely can’t be all to it. So, it’s all up to you now. We would love to hear in comment section below about how you plan on going with your influencer campaign, what worked best for you and what didn’t. Hopefully, these tips will help you get the best out of your influencer campaign.

Author Bio

Khawar Zaman is a seasoned ecommerce consultant busy nurturing a startup named Technorian as a cofounder. Technorian specializes in Magento and WordPress support services along with dedicated development services.