If you heard about Clickfunnels, then you must have heard about Spencer Mecham’s milestone as an affiliate marketer for making over 1 million dollars of commissions.

Sound amazing right? You might also wonder, can I do the same? Of course, as everything is possible if you put your mind, time and effort into it.

It won’t be an easy journey, but before trekking that road you need to know the basic first. This Affiliate Secrets Review will definitely help you to get ready on your journey to becoming a successful affiliate. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of arrangement in which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for sales and traffic produced from its website. One of the ways Spencer made a lot of his money was through the ClickFunnels affiliate marketing program. That's why we love ClickFunnels too!

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No Clarity

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Low Traffic

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This type of marketing has mostly been promoted by a lot of marketers as a scheme to get rich quickly. Because of these noobs that approached affiliate marketing that has that get rich quick mindset, they didn’t have the chance to really know more about the programs and tend to stop being involved with it. It makes them lose a lot of opportunities and they also lose their trust because of unreliable claims by so-called affiliate gurus. There are affiliate marketers out there who are only interested in making money,  just by selling these courses to beginners and didn’t even earn a single penny from really using affiliate marketing. 

For people who are interested in affiliate marketing, don’t lose hope. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. It works for people who take a lot of effort and time for researching methods and following strategies. Just how businesses work, you need to work hard for it as money doesn’t grow on trees and you just need to pick it. 

It is no way a get rich scheme, which is very enticing at first when you hear it. It needs a lot of hard work in order to make the right amount of money. The very first thing that you need to do in starting affiliate marketing is the right guide who has proven successful in this field. With this post, I will take an in-depth look at Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0. 

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review

Affiliate Secrets Spencer Mecham 1 Million In Sales

Spencer's Screenshot Showing He Made 1 Million in Clickfunnels Affiliate Commission.

In this Affiliate Secrets review, we will get to know a brief of the background of Spencer Mecham and his success story as well as to why his affiliate program might be a good choice for you to earn a proper living through affiliate marketing.

Spencer Mecham is not your ordinary affiliate marketer as he earned over a million dollars just in affiliate commissions through Clickfunnels. He has sold more than 2500 active subscriptions which is really big for an online marketer. Since making more than $10,000 in his first month, he has now only been scaling higher peaks in online marketing. Even if he made up so much through affiliate marketing he still stays grounded and humble and tries to help the community in any way he can. 

What to Know About Affiliate Secrets Review 2.0

AS 2.0 is an in-depth affiliate marketing course created by Spencer Mecham that has been divided into eight separate modules. Inside this is a comprehensive course that has all the required information and knowledge to achieve success in the affiliate marketing field. Always keep in mind that that this won’t make you rich in just a snap of a finger, you need to put your time and effort to succeed in this business. 

What to Know About the Course

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

There are a total of eight modules in the course that is focused on earning money online. The course has been divided into eight separate modules that will allow you to learn more and get the step by step process in building a successful affiliate marketing business. 

Module 1 (The Game Plan)

The main focus of this model is to help the marketer to understand the bigger picture when it comes to affiliate marketing. One of their focus in this model is niche research as choosing the right niche is important, as you will know where people are spending their money on. 

Not only that, but you will also find a lot of information on how to find high paying affiliate programs.  Part of this module is learning about the importance of creating value for your clients. He explains the importance of choosing affiliate programs with recurring commissions and shares methods to increase your investment. 

Module 2 (All About Buyers)

This module teaches ways to find the right audience and suitable products for them as well as learn how to set up a fully automated affiliate marketing business. He also teaches the importance of developing lead magnets to build and grow your subscriber list. It focuses on building a complete automated affiliate marketing business and quickly create automated funnels. In addition, he talks through funnel psychology that will help you understand different methods that will entice your prospects. 

Module 3 (Traffic Secrets)

This module brings in experts with their own perspective to teach an affiliate how to get traffic for your offers. Spencer discusses different traffic from  Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Youtube videos and a lot more. You will learn a lot from different sections of this module such as learning how to set up a new youtube channel, rank videos and earn commissions, drive traffic through solo ads, and become an expert at Google AdWords as well as using Facebook ads and Instagram to drive automated traffic. 

Module 4 (Conversion Station)

Convert traffic is the focus of this module which is one of the biggest problems faced by marketers because they can’t convert the traffic into customers. Spencer gives you a view on how to convert that traffic and turned it into high commissions.

Module 5 (Automation is King)

This module is all about automation, the how’s and why’s of it all. Yes, you know about automation but some people don’t know how to use it correctly.  It also covers email marketing, as it teaches you to structure to make sure your emails are read by people and clicks the offer that you promote. Aside from that, Spencer will teach you to write emails that will entice your customers. 

Module 6 (Scaling Products)

This will teach you how to increase the ROI on your business spend. Through this, you can make a lot of money and get a high return for your investment if you can sell more products. This module will give you tricks in finding products that can give you high commissions on your chosen niche.

Module 7 (Long Term Business)

This will help you learn how you can set up your business and grow it for the long-term. This can be a hobby or a sideline at first but some people are able to make it as a full-time career.  

Spencer, will share his experiences and everything you would want to know about affiliate marketing and making it a long-term business. 

Module 8 (Creating a Team)

This module is about hiring team members in order for your business to grow more. Usually at the start of your career in affiliate marketing you everything on your own. Eventually, if it turned out a great success you will need to start hiring people. It will help you with a lot of tips from hiring team members, the delegation of work and how to set your business to grow more.

By getting this course, you will not only get these modules but you can get other bonuses that come along with it. You will get access to the white label Clickfunnels course that comes with 50 prewritten emails and five highly converting sales funnels. The buyers can also get access to a private Facebook group that other successful affiliates are members of. You can have insights on how they do their affiliate that may help you with yours.

Final Verdict for Affiliate Secrets Review

This is a perfect course for people who wants to pursue and succeed in the world of affiliate marketing. A great price for what its worth as you can get great coaching from a real marketing affiliate thas has been proven to be one as he earned more than $1million of affiliate commissions through Clickfunnels

With this course, you will learn a lot from the beginning of your journey to be a successful affiliate until you reach your goal. It has all the nitty-gritty of all your marketing affiliate needs.