In this day and age of technology, everyone is surrounded with every technology that you can think of. May it is a smartphone, tablet or computer, they are everywhere. Businesses took this opportunity to make their business grow and let other people who want to earn do the same.

Let’s be honest, money doesn’t just fall from a tree. The most basic way to earn a living is having a job and if you want to earn more maybe get another job. It is possible but is tiring and time-consuming. So the best way is to think of a business that will let you earn with the advantage of working from home. 

One of the best apps there that are known for having a lot of users worldwide is Instagram. It is a social media site wherein you post pictures, videos and stories. There are a lot of businesses and influencers who use this for them to be more interactive with their customers and subscribers. It is a good way to make your business out there for people to see. 

So in this post, I will talk about the Best Instagram Affiliate program that you can use if you are interested in money or grow your business using Instagram.

How to Earn Money on Instagram?

There are many ways that you can earn on Instagram. You can sell products, make money through photographs and digital images, display sponsored posts on your Instagram or become an affiliate marketer.

With all these choices, I think being an affiliate marketer is one of the best choices. It involves signing up with a brand or company and promoting its products and service. Because of this, I will show you the best Instagram affiliate program that you can partner with. 

10 Best Instagram Affiliate Programs

There is a lot of affiliate program, these are the top platforms that dominate the affiliate market today.

Amazon Associates

This is a great platform for new to affiliate marketing as its program is from Amazon itself. It will give you access to a lot of products that you can advertise to your subscribers. Amazon is special because you don’t need to have your own website for you to start being an affiliate. It’s guidelines that an affiliate must have 500 organic followers and must be public. It is quick and easy to sign up, and they will give you 10% of every referral sale that you will get. 


This affiliate platform is used for digital products only.  One of the easiest affiliate programs to get into as it doesn’t have much screening process compared to others. The special things about Clickbank are that you can choose the products that you want to promote based on how much money the company is willing to pay you. They offer high commissions of up to 75%.


An affiliate platform is an online retailer based in Tokyo. It is somewhat like Amazon as you get to choose from thousands of products and you can use its analytical tools for your advantage. This is a cool company with its tech-forward image. This platform is best suited for big businesses that provide higher engagement rates. 

CJ Affiliate

This affiliate company is more focused on blogger affiliates but can work on social channels too. CJ Affiliate has been in existent for 15 years, that’s why they have a deep network with thousands of big brands and they also give an affiliate a central hub where they can connect with them. You will need to make more than $50 in commissions in order to get your monthly payout. 


This is a well-known company that has over 4,000 merchants in its hub, so surely you will be able to find products that you can promote. You need to have your own website in order for you to sign in with them. They are very particular as an affiliate must keep a $50 minimum to their account all the time because if not you will be charged. This platform ensures that their affiliates stick to a specific theme. 

Max Bounty

This platform can connect you to high paying advertisers that can provide over 1000 campaigns that you can choose from. They are one of the leading performance networks in their industry. They are known to pay their affiliates on time and provide free educational resources and other related training for new affiliates. 


They offer over 20,000 if you become their affiliate, imagine digging to those products! The unique thing about them is that you can embed a snippet of Javascript on your site, existing links will be converted to affiliate links. It may be more suited for bloggers because of the links but it also works well with Instagram as it can drive traffic and increase sales.

ShopStyle Collective

What makes it one of the best is because it helps people to monetize their accounts. They have a feature called “Looks” that you can create shoppable images and they make sure that an affiliate is an influencer, it may be a tough one signing up for them. The commissions vary based on the retailer but on average they earn a percentage of every sale based on ShopStyle’s Cost per Acquisition Program. 


It offers tens of different affiliate programs that you can choose from. They divided it into different sub-categories which make the affiliate’s life easier, that they can find their product that will fit into their image. This program can be referred to like others that can make them earn a commission and get paid by the company. 


One of the most established affiliate network as it works with over 13,000 advertisers and affiliates.This platform operates worldwide and most of its partnership is with European merchants.  They specialize in sports, beauty, travel and fashion products. You will be charged a minimal fee is able to join their program as an affiliate that can be returned to you once you will be part of their company as an affiliate. 

Earning money isn’t easy but by being part of an affiliate program, it will help you earn more. You may use it in a lot of social network platforms but these are one of the best Instagram Affiliate Program where you can choose to be part of.