Have you heard of Sales funnels? If you are in the world of marketing, then you probably have. That's because everybody needs a sales funnel. It doesn't matter whether you are a social media influencer, local business, or retail store—there is an online sales funnel for that.

Sales funnels have truly revolutionized marketing because they eliminate distractions and provide customers a step-by-step path to experience your product/service offering. This guided online sales process typically results in higher conversions, higher average order values, and maximizes the lifetime value of each customer.

So how do sales funnels work? There is at least one funnel for each phase of the prospective customer relationship, typically. You don't have to have all of them, but you'll make more money if you do.

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Sales Funnel Templates Types Purpose Goals

ToFu: Top of Funnel sales funnels are for cold traffic. Cold traffic is like a blind date. The purpose is for you to get to know them by providing value so that your audience get to know like and trust you. If you succeed, the customer might just for over their email so that you can follow-up. A typical example is a landing page the provides a downloadable lead magnet in each for an email.

MoFu: Middle of Funnel sales funnels are for warm traffic. Warm traffic is like a second and third date. You're not quite ready to ask them to marry you yet by asking them to buy. However, you would invite them to a "movie". For example, the ToFu emails you gathered can be used to attract prospective customers to a webinar funnel.

BoFu: Bottom of Funnel sales funnels are for hot traffic. The prospective customer likes you if they've made it this far. They are ready to buy. Typically, this is a sales funnel page where you offer a product/service and ask them to buy. In the process of ordering your main product or service, your sales funnel with present a variety of other offers to increase the order size. For example, order bumps, upsells, downsells (if they don't accept the upsell). Sales funnel templates make setting these up easy.

FuFu: Follow up Funnel sales funnels are for repeat customers. These funnels maximize the value of each customer over the lifetime of the relationship. To do this, you will follow-up and send customers to other sales funnels that offer more expensive products. For example, customers already purchased your $37 product in sales funnel #1. So in sales funnel #2, you can offer a $297 product. In sales funnel #3, you can offer a $997 product.

Read Dotcom Secrets for free if you want to learn more about how sales funnels work. And if you're just getting started with sales funnels, don't think you have to create all of the ones I mentioned. Starting with ToFu is the easiest way to get going. Next, work on your BoFu. Then eventually build out the others.

Here are some sales funnel templates that I have created for you to get up and running faster.

Which One Best Describes You?

No Clarity

No Product/ Service

Low Traffic

Low Conversions or Sales

Low Order Value & Frequency

Not Sure?

I love clickfunnels

There are different kinds of sales funnels template depending on the sales funnel company that you will avail. In this sales funnel review, I will give you examples of templates from Clickfunnels® as this is one good example of what kind of templates should a typical sales funnel have. 

Network Marketing Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels network marketing template.

ClickFunnels Network Marketing Template

Freelance Website Sales Funnel Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels freelancer template. 

ClickFunnels Freelancer Template

This kind of sales funnel template is for creating your own site if ever you want a freelancing career. It will make you a professional-looking website which is very important for an online business, it will also create a good impression to your audience and make you more credible. 

Dentist Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels dentist template. 

ClickFunnels Dentist Template

Travel Agent Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels travel agents template. 

ClickFunnels Travel Agent Template

Counselor Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels counselors template. 

ClickFunnels Counselor Template

Beauty Salon Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels beauty salon template. 

ClickFunnels Beauty Salon Template

Fitness Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels fitness template.

ClickFunnels Fitness template sales funnel

This template focuses more on different trends when it comes to fitness. People are leaning more to being healthy and staying healthy that is why this template is a good idea to target people or fitness groups that have this goal. It is good to invest in this as there is a high demand for this sector.

Real Estate Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels real estate agent template.

ClickFunnels Real Estate Agent Template

This type of sale funnel will help you create a professional-looking site suited for real estate. As we know the population is growing and industries are booming and more people are looking into different land or cities to live in. It will help you to have an edge into a very competitive business and makes your potential customers lean to you more. 

Personal Coach Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels coaching template.  

ClickFunnels Coaching Template

The ClickFunnels personal coaching template is a way to encourage other people to join a bandwagon especially if you have proven to be a successful coach. It is a way to show your success by posting photos with your clients, giving advice and steps to follow for them to be as successful as you. A great software for this is Clickfunnels.

Chiropractor Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels chiropractor template.

ClickFunnels Chiropractor Template

Ebook Opt-in Page

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels ebook opt-in template. 

ClickFunnels Ebook Opt-In Template

It is quite difficult to design an Ebook opt-in page so that is why it will be a good decision to use of the sales funnel Ebook opt-in page instead as it is a quicker way to set it up. You will be able to focus more on writing books and interacting with your customers. 

Accountant Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels account template. 

ClickFunnels Accountant CPA Template

Lead Generation Template

Get Instant Access to this ClickFunnels lead generation template. 

ClickFunnels Lead Generation Template

This will help you capture leads quickly. You will be able to create lead generation sites and make your visitors to fill out all the information needed for your business. 

Blog Template

This type of template is for bloggers and for someone who wants to blog. This can be used to give your audience a lot of things to read about. It could be about product promotion or affiliate marketing. You can write anything you want in using this template that will help boost sales of your funnels.

E-Commerce Single Item Template

It offers you to create the same appearance and makes it uniform your products page. It is essential to have your page a unique identity and enticing designs as it will affect your customer's attitude when it comes to reading items and turns them into buyers. Appearance is very important when selling products.

Local and Small Business Template

We all know how expensive putting up your own website and this is exactly why local businesses should make use of a sales funnel. It is way cheaper and easier to maintain. With its customizable features, it will ensure that your site reflects everything about your business that will serve your locality. 

Membership website Template

This is a kind of template that allows you to give exclusive offers to your potential customers and let them sign up for your service. This will give you an edge as the template will help you lead your customer to a sign-up page and that will give your business a boost.

Podcast Landing Page

It helps you to create a landing page specifically designed for your podcast. It requires a good landing page that is customizable as it increases the number of people to listen to all your podcasts that will help them in their sales funnels journey. 

Webinar Template

Having seminars on the internet has been very popular and is used by a lot of people. This is a way to connect with your audience and reach out to them even though they are miles apart. It is an effective way to actively connect with them and that’s why the webinar template is a unique feature of sales funnels. It entices your audience to join or avail of your products because of your presence and make them signup.

Upside Down Homepage Template

A way to attract more leads or people on your site and increase your attendees is to place the call of action on top of your site or put the navigation menu on the bottom of your site page. This allows your template to do actions on a direct process. 

Hybrid Sales Page

This template will help you get results quickly with less effort. You just need to customize depending on yout business needs. You can maximize your time and make use of it by doing more important stuff like creating content, managing sales and making more leads.

Squeeze Page Template

This is also a time-consuming page as the main goal of a squeeze page is to get information such as emails and names of your readers. It is best to use the squeeze page template in making it can make it easier for you do make it compare to doing it traditionally as it can be very tedious.

Single Page Sales Funnel

This is the type of direct sales funnel wherein your customer is provided the necessary information. It simplifies all information into one page that helps them understand the product in a very simple manner. 

Event Template

This will be a great template for those who organize events. It helps in spreading details about a certain event and also aid to increase the number of people that will attend. You will be able to create and design a landing page for every event that you will have. 

Urgency Opt-in Template

This makes your audience or customers buy products urgently. It will help you create landing pages that will aid your customer conversion and you don’t need to worry about your audience just being a customer but instead will turn into buyers. 

Video Sales Page

This will help you create a sales template that is solely for your videos of you are interested in making sales through it. It is quite difficult to make videos and upload them to the site and this will make it simple and easy for you. 

Quiz Funnel Template

This a very interactive way to get into your customers as this will create a template that you can get more information about them and make use of it. You just need to make good quizzes to encourage interaction with your audience.

Sales funnels as a website

If you are after making sales it is a better choice to choose sales funnels as it has a big potential to turn site visitors into potential customers compared to a website that doesn’t give much interaction as it is just a bunch of pages with loads of information. 

Sales funnels have the potential to maximize your landing pages with a lot of designs that will make it enticing for the audience to click. By using this, it can also give you a lot of information especially from the visitors to your website and make a lot of marketing campaigns so they can purchase products from you. 

Features of sales funnels

Advance marketing options

In sales funnels, you don’t have to worry about designing your site as there are a lot of templates to choose from and also has amazing features that you can use to create nice sales funnels. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are or not because you can make good pages in just a few clicks and is customizable. Aside from this feature, sales funnels can integrate other features such as automated responses and payment gateways. These are some of the things you need to consider when you are looking for a new landing page builder. Let's go over some more features you will find in sales funnels.

A/B Testing

One of the things that are unique about sales funnels is that it has A/B split testing compared to a website that doesn’t. 

In this feature, you will be able to make two versions of one page that you need to launch at the same time. You will be able to check who performs better at making conversions. This will make the process easier and help you choose a better landing page. 

Customizable funnels

As I mentioned earlier, you have a full reign in designing your landing pages. With most sales funnels that are available lets, you edit your funnels in any way you like. Some sales funnels also have advanced tools that let you edit your pages easily without using some advanced coding. 

Replication and Sharing

Sales funnels allow funnel replication and sharing. It makes it easier to share your funnels with others and make it more profitable. It may also be possible for a website to this but it will be really hard to do.


It is advised that you need to learn things first before putting a lot of effort in when it comes to sales funnels. It will be easier for a business to find its own niche and learn the ups and downs of business and after finding this out then it will be easier for you to engage with your customers and make your traffic and convert them into sales which is your main goal at the end of the day. 

It won’t be an easy walk in the park to do sales funnels but when you get the hang of it and learned the ins and outs of the business. It is for sure that you will have a successful career in doing sales funnels.