It's time for an Opesta Review! In this day and age, there are many ways to do marketing and one of the main ways is via email marketing. This trend has been going on for years now and won't go out of trend anytime soon. 

Although email is a popular tool, it is limited because many emails end up in spam folders, or the frustrating Gmail "promotion tab"—unseen and unread! The email's effectiveness has been declining over the years, but it doesn't mean that you need to abandon it. 

You don't need to stop using it, you just need to make sure to supplement the decline in email with a new messaging platform like Opesta.

In my Opesta review, we will find more about this new technology that can boost marketing beyond traditional email by tapping into the most popular social network, Facebook! Yes, you heard it right. Facebook messenger is Opesta's sweet spot. It is the first Facebook messenger automation platform that markets via the messenger platform. 

So let's dive more into my Opesta review.

What Is Opesta?

Opesta is a marketing automation solution that works well in Facebook messenger. It has everything that you would want in an automation platform as it generates leads using facebook messenger. Their technology allows the user to see who comes to their website, then market to them based on their character and what they specifically did while browsing unto the website.

It has a tracking technology where they know every interaction like how many messages they opened, what pages they viewed, how often they come back, what free offers they requested and what did they purchase.

Why Use Opesta?

Why Choose Opesta Facebook Messenger Bot for Automating Marketing

Opesta is a Facebook messenger chat platform that allows you to build subscribers and communicate with them. It let you tap into facebook’s base that has over 1 billion users. This offers new possibilities because it automatically engages the user to have a deeper and more personal relationship with its customers. 

A combination of Opesta with other email marketing automation will lead to an increase of engagement which equates to more buyers for your products and service. This platform goes far deeper on targeting subscribers and being more personal with them, it is a powerful and flexible tool. 

Just like any other email marketing tool, Opesta operates just like the rest. It communicates with a subscriber in two ways; automation and broadcasts.

Automation creates a feed of messages, then feeds them to possible audiences and they make them as leads. This has 3 simple steps and those are triggers, content, and goals. 

Broadcasts are the individual messages that you send to your audiences whenever you like. There are only 3 steps in creating a broadcast which are message type, targeting, and special broadcast.

Best Opesta Feature

One of the best features of Opesta is that it saves unique data with custom fields. Its custom fields can save a particular response to the library and can pull that response when needed. The use of this information is to gain insights (unlike Instato, an Instagram marketing tool) or use it for future messages for your leads and subscribers.

Another feature is its Pixel-based tracking, this track conversion where you can select a pixel and tell platform which pages where they are as well as others. It can also specify different actions when someone makes a conversion i.e adding a subscriber to a sequence or applying tags.

Other Features of Opesta

Opesta has good campaigns and sequencing too wherein you can create campaigns that you can send to your subscribers or leads. You can also make sequences for your campaigns, it consists of sequence triggers, sequence contents, and sequence goals. While its Broadcast feature is a simplified version of a sequence builder just without goals and triggers but you can tailor your broadcast for different scenarios.

The platform also offers Subscriber Management, where you can find subscribers that will receive Facebook messages by any one of their triggers. As this is run via facebook, information like email, locale, and location will be fully searched through. 

Opesta also has the ability to Track and Report the number of subscribers over time with a variable date range, covering total subscribers, and sent messages. Just have a few more clicks if you want more data regarding your broadcasts and sequences.

Why Give Opesta a Thumbs Up?

Pros and Cons of Opesta Facebook Messenger Bot

  • It is simple but has a big learning curve
  • It has good support
  • It's not buggy
  • It has an affiliate program
  • It can share sequences
  • It has a good reporting interface
  • It supports messenger automation sequences
  • It has advanced triggers
  • It has live chat support
  • All their plans are fully featured

Why give Opesta a Thumbs Down?

  • It doesn't have a visual workflow like other email automation platforms
  • It lacks the option to undo changes
  • Its message threading is not all that intuitive

Opesta Pricing

Opesta Pricing Explained Key Differences

It currently has 3 plans available, they also offer a 14-day free trial.

Basic Plan

It costs $49 a month. It includes 2 linked FB pages, 5,000 subscribers, unlimited broadcasts, unlimited campaigns, unlimited sequences, and subscriber dashboard.

Essential Plan

It costs $99 a month. It includes 4 linked FB pages, 15,000 subscribers, unlimited broadcasts, unlimited campaigns, unlimited sequences, and subscriber dashboard.

High Volume Plan

It costs $99 a month. It includes unlimited linked FB pages, 30,000 subscribers, unlimited broadcasts, unlimited campaigns, unlimited sequences, and subscriber dashboard.

Final Verdict: Opesta Review

Opesta is an efficient way when it comes to online marketing as it uses Facebook as its main source for leads and subscribers. It is very innovative because it uses a social network in order to expand a business. If you are already using an online marketing platform then using Opesta will be a good move if you want more.

Let’s face it, email marketing doesn’t work 100 percent so you need another way for you to get more people where you can make your products and services known which Opesta can offer. What I like about Opesta is that it doesn’t only make your business known via facebook messenger it also has a simple platform where automation works just like any other marketing platform.

Its automation is quite good as well as its simple sequences and broadcast. Its subscriber management is also the bomb when it comes to the personalization of its subscribers because of its information from the tracking that they can do. This platform will definitely help your online business reach your target goals. 

If you think we missed anything in our Opesta review, then leave a comment below!