For the past decade, businesses have been experiencing cut-throat competition from each other. This is as each entity tries to get the largest share of the market they can control sales-wise.

However, marketing strategies have changed over the years, and that is why adverts and billboards are not that effective for marketing a brand or a firm. 

In this post we have compiled information from sources such as Boston SEO Bill Lentis, Social media marketers we work closely with, and of course our years of experience.

Digital marketing entered the scene with its seamless options that a firm can use to promote itself. Digital marketing methods have proven to be useful since they have the ability to reach large parts of the market quite effectively. They can also be used to target a niche of the market that a brand would want to design their products, especially for. 

Such methods have also been helpful for business since they can be used for analysis on their effectiveness which helps companies plan their strategies for a more practical approach. For instance, the use of Google Analytics to design more effective ways to engage the clients in a website, which has also been used to increase the conversions rate from merely prospective clients and traffic in a website to actual buyers of a brand's products. 

What makes digital marketing effective and a better replacement for the old school or rather traditional marketing methods is that they take advantage of the internet. Such methods are able to use the internet to cover more ground in terms of market. This is probably because more than half of the world is connected to the internet. Similarly, it is the best way to market your product because adults are usually online twelve hours a day. Another fact is also that several devices can be used to access the internet, which includes tablets, smartphones, laptops and even personal computers. 

Why Digital Marketing Over Other Methods?

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Digital marketing methods can be described as any marketing activity that makes use of electronic gadgets and the internet to reach clients. As indicated above the internet is the best way to market your brand or firm in today's world. This is because devices, most of which are mobile, can connect to the internet. 

The internet is also home to a number of practical tools that you can target for your marketing. For instance, the search engines and social media platforms. This works since a good number of potential clients would enter a search in a search engine or the search box of a social media platform. They do a search for a product they wish to buy or a service such as a windscreen replacement. When they do this, the search engine provides them with a list of results of firms that offer the service or sell the products. You will want your firm to be on this list, in fact, at the top of this list. 

It is common for a rational internet user to look into a few of the results that are provided by the search engine. This they will do starting from the top of the list, and they would look into probably three brands. That is why you will have to make your brand to be ranked at the top of such lists. You can achieve this by integrating the most effective Digital Marketing strategies that would make your brand popular and also appealing to a specific niche of the market. 

The whole idea of Digital Marketing is to exact and precise when you are defining your brand. You should avoid generalizing your services and instead state the exact services and products that you are dealing with. This is what will beat the large and established brands hands down, and thus you will be able to compete favorably. 

The fact that Digital Marketing is conducted through the internet does not exclusively mean that it is an exclusively online intervention. This is because while most of the methods need to be designed for online activities, there are those activities that can be designed to reach the market if they are offline. 

Digital marketing has given small brands the ability to compete against large and established brands. The small brands were unable to get the resources needed to pay for catchy adverts and commercials on televisions, and neither could they afford those large billboards on the roadsides. This placed them at the bottom of the curve against their industry rivals. 

The large brands, or rather business giants, sort of monopolized the business scene because of their unmatched resources. Such resources enabled them to promote their products and services in a way that the small business could not counter their strategies. 

There are specific digital marketing techniques that you will find to be highly effective for some niche in the market while others will be weak in this case. Proper research will help you notice this and then strategize effectively so that your efforts bare fruits eventually. 

With digital marketing comes an affordable set of methods and strategies that probably anyone can use to market their brands or firms. Brick and mortar business can compete favorably against the giants in the economy. This is if they employ the appropriate techniques that would see them accomplish success. Success is only possible if they are able to use the best digital marketing methods and analysis methods to promote their brands. Otherwise, they will rue a number of losses arising from poor choices of strategies for their businesses. 

The 10 Digital Marketing Strategies 

The following are the most effective and popular Digital marketing strategies used by business today;

Search Engine Optimization

seo marketing tips digital

This is probably the most popular digital marketing strategy that is used by brands to popularize themselves. It has been a favorite due to its simplicity yet highly effective intervention which has seen most brick and mortar businesses get the lion share of the market.

It has enabled the incoming businesses which had limited resources and little knowledge of the market composition of requirements compete favorably against their rivals. 

Before the use of Search Engine Optimization, the giants in the economy were able to monopolize the industry. This is because they would rank top of the list of a search engine, and this made the prospective clients rely on them as they had little knowledge or exposure to what other brands could produce.

With Search Engine Optimization as a Digital Marketing Strategy, the small businesses can make hay when it is shining, just as much as the giants.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of improving the data traffic on your websites or even social media pages by getting them ranked on the top of result lists of search engines. If you have designed and put up a business website, then you obviously want it to be seen by guests who visit the pages and might want a service or product you are dealing with. 

What Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does for you is that it generates free and organic traffic to visit your website. Organic here means actual people who are online and are perusing through your website. They will be looking at your services, the products you are offering and also some of the reviews that are written by clients that have an experience with you. 

You should first of all worry about getting the traffic to your website before being worked up about the content to upload. A significant number of user traffic will determine the rate at which they will buy from you. 

SEO gives you the capability of driving traffic through the act of optimizing the content you upload on search engines. If you appear on the top of the list, then there are high chances that a greater percentage of the clients will log into your site. You should also ensure that you are ranked in relevant results because clients will be disappointed if they thought they could buy a car from you when you deal with Real estate instead. 

Some of the examples of Search Engine Optimization include;

  • Including relevant keywords in your website’s blogs or even service pages
  • Getting your website titles to be optimized
  • Adding relevant backlinks
  • Description and loading speed

The Search Engines that you are targeting include Google, Bing and many others. They are mostly used by clients who do not have the best idea of who to go to for a service or a product. For instance, they may enter a search such as "House Cleaning Services near me."

What happens next is that the search engine identifies the location that the client is in, and then it will offer results of House cleaning service providers that are located in that area. 

Search Engine optimization is, no doubt, a breakthrough when it comes to digital marketing. This is because it comes across as an almost free tool for marketing your brand through the internet. It is also easy to execute and not that complicated for the small businesses that do not have a lot of resources to dedicate for their marketing. 

You could always hire Search Engine Optimization experts such as Boston SEO firm Bill Lentis to get the job done for you. They are in a better position to offer the service for you because they have the required experience and are up to date with the effective techniques.

Content Marketing 

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Content Marketing is an interesting Digital Marketing method that has been used by businesses to reach their markets effectively. It has been regarded as the core determinant of success through Digital Marketing strategies. This is simply because it can be integrated with any other Digital marketing method on this list. It has been utilized by leading brands in the industry to maintain their position at the top of the pyramid when it comes to rivalry with existing and upcoming brands. 

Content Marketing entails the creation of content and then distributing it to the market. Most of the content created here is designed to suit a niche of the market. This means that the content appeals to a target audience and not just the market in general, and only then would it be an effective investment.

The content should be designed and produced in a manner that guarantees that it is valuable and relevant. You should ensure that the content is up to date with what is happening in the present day and not a backward presentation. It should be integrated with trending situations in order to catch the attention of the target audience.

Apart from designing a digital content that is catchy enough, you should also ensure that it is consistent. This will require relentless research and also getting to know what interests the target audience. Consistency also helps engage your clients and also prevent losing them halfway before you actually make a sale. The idea is converting the prospective clients to actual buyers of your products and services. 

The values of content marketing dictate the need to make the content attractive to the target audience and also have the ability to retain them. You would not want to lose the audience halfway through the content by using boring content. You should retain them so as to eventually drive action from the customer that would be profitable for your brand. 

What sets content marketing apart from traditional marketing such as adverts and commercials that were aired on television is that it is not spammy. It should be designed not just for the general view but to target a specific part of the market that you want to call to action. 

Content marketing is compatible with many other digital marketing strategies that are used by brands. It is the centre of those strategies, and that is why if it is designed well to meet the niche's expectations, then the digital marketing strategies you employ will be undoubtedly successful. 

The most common Content Marketing forms used by brands and firms in the present day include;

  • Blog posts 
  • Videos
  • Podcasts 
  • Case studies
  • ebooks

The above includes most of the content that you would find in websites of firms and businesses. For instance, blog posts have been utilized by brands to educate readers of the best service providers in an area. They do this by engaging them in a good read and then making a call to action in an unmatched fashion. The content here is the reading part which needs to be relevant, and a good read is valuable so as not to let the reader stray halfway through the blog. 

You should document your Content Marketing strategies as a better approach for your marketing activities. This will enable you to plan for a more effective intervention if you want to increase sales and profits from your firm. 

The whole idea of Content marketing as a Digital Marketing method is to guarantee customer action. You want to drive a call to action and actually ensure them that you are the right brand to be providing the service or the products to them. Content marketing should not rest until this is achieved!

Email Marketing

email marketing digital marketing tips

Email Marketing is one of the official ways to market your products and services. This is one way that will require you to put your best foot forward in order for your investment to be successful. It is not as simple and easy to pull through like most of the Digital marketing methods in this list, but if you are able to master it, you will accomplish your firm’s target. 

When you use the email to promote your brand; its services and products, you will need to be swift while at it. This is because most people do not take seriously some of the emails that are delivered to the inbox. They may read the ones they are expecting or even the urgent ones and ignore those marketing ones that firms send to them. 

When you decide to use this method to market your brand or firm, you will need to get close to your prospective customers or clients. You want to build a close relationship with a client that you probably have never met. When they reply back, you should be able to respond to what they are inquiring about and even give a detailed and comprehensive explanation about what you are dealing with. This will determine whether or not they will want to choose you and not many of the other firms out there. 

You should be the best in your industry if you decide to use email marketing as a digital marketing strategy. This probably because apart from the email you send them, they are receiving countless other emails from other firms that you are competing with. That is why you should not waste an opportunity if they come calling to you. They might respond to one of the emails you send them, and your next step determines whether you will profit from this professional relationship. 

A good idea would be to note active email addresses used by corporates and upcoming business that might want your products. For instance, if you are dealing with air conditioning products, you should get the addresses from corporates that own offices which might need these to be installed. If the official in charge of procurement gets your mail, they would want to know more about what you offer and if you can install a product for them. If you play your cards right, you will make a sale, and the method will be successful for you. 

When writing emails for this cause, you should ensure that you speak and communicate with the client. It is advisable to be brief and straight to the point. Simultaneously, you should encourage an interaction that is meaningful as the person on the other side might not give you a second chance to promote your brand.  

Search Engine Marketing 

search engine marketing

This is a Digital Marketing method that integrates traditional marketing methods with the latest ones. This is done so that you have a better success rate in your marketing interventions. It is advisable, especially when your firm is in an industry with heavy competition from your rivals. 

It was used to refer to both free search traffic and the paid ones until recently it was narrowed down to the paid activities such as ads. The ads are included in the results of a search engine and are combined in an effective fashion that will guarantee you achieve success in your marketing. 

In other words, Search Engine Marketing has been used as a term to describe a digital marketing technique that works to increase the visibility of a website in search engines such as Google and Bing. This is by using the paid methods. 

What happens is that the advertisers single out keywords that people on the internet might search for in a search engine; this is when they are sourcing for where to get a product or service. They then incorporate the keywords on their ads, which are usually referred to as pay-per-click ads. 

On a regular Search engine, you can notice this method as a little sign that reads “Ad” just before a URL. Such pages are usually given priority in the listings of the search results. It requires an expert to take you through how this is done so that you are able to get successful results from your efforts. 

Businesses and brands that integrate both Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing rarely fail when it comes to marketing. This is because they are able to attract quality organic traffic to their websites and social media pages. As indicated above, online traffic is good for business as it will improve the rate at which prospective clients will get wind about the type of business you are. You then become famous as they will associate you as the guy to go to for a product. 

The good thing with Search Engine Marketing is that it creates an audience with motivated clients that want to make a purchase almost immediately. For Search Engine Marketing, you will have to pay a specific amount to the Search engine to have them list your ads. However, this is not the case for Search Engine Optimization, which simply get a good ranking f they optimize their contents accordingly. 

What this does is guaranteeing success by improving your firm's presence in online platforms. Search Engine Marketing is effective as it enables you to get an audience which wants a service or product that you are dealing with. If you are able to engage them in creative activity, then you will make not only one sale but many sales as they will obviously come back for a similar treat. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing dmts

In the present world, more than four million, which is a good number of the world’s population, have accounts in Social Media platforms. This makes this a great opportunity to utilize for Digital Marketing. The invention of Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn makes them a way of reaching the market and the population as a whole. 

Social media platforms are used in the same way as business websites are used to promote a brand. They work on the principle of attracting traffic and the attention of those logged into the different types of platforms. You can do this by creating a page or a group for your firm that will be visible to any of the users. 

You can also design marketing content such as blogs, podcasts or Live events that will be seen by those with accounts. They will then be aware of your firm and will think of it whenever they are looking for a relevant service or product. You can utilize social media pages to improve your firm's exposure to your potential clients. From then on, you can build meaningful relationships that will make you popular to the public. 

One good thing about using Social media platforms for digital marketing is that it can be used by anyone. You do not have to be a giant in the industry to enjoy the benefits that come with this type of marketing strategy. Social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are almost free, but you will have to pay a certain amount from the more advanced types of marketing in them.

The types of brands that highly benefit from Social media marketing as a method of digital marketing are the Business to Clients and the ones that deal with software that users access online. For software firms, they can develop software that is obtained online and not through purchasing and installing on personal computers. On the other hand, if yours is a business that can deliver products directly to clients, then you can benefit from this method of Digital marketing. 

If you employ Social Media Marketing, it will be important to consider the feedback from your clients. You will also have to move with the trends to be ahead of the curve. You should also engage the clients in meaningful conversation through replies on marketing content such as the blogs.

What Social media platforms provide is a comment section that offers the clients air their views about your firm. You can then improve and also increase efficiency as suggested by the clients. The content that you upload should also be valuable and relevant to avoid losing the interest of the clients. 

This type of digital marketing can be integrated with many other types such as Search engine optimization which will increase user traffic to your pages. Content marketing will also work with it as they provide a platform for you to upload content about your firm. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing tips dmts

This is a trending way that businesses have moved to in order to improve their sales and increase their revenues. Affiliates are also emerging all over the industry as they guide their associated businesses to achieve success in their sales. 

Affiliate marketing can be described as a way of marketing where a separate part works with a firm and generates traffic for the associated firm. They achieve this by directing prospective clients that they have access to go to the firm’s sites; either websites or social media pages. 

For instance, a blogger might have a massive following, and they include your firm's link in any part of their blogs. They receive a commission for this whenever a user uses the link to make a purchase from your brand. 

Bloggers are the best positioned to work with if you want to guarantee success through affiliate marketing as a digital marketing strategy. They are able to do this since they can attract a good number of readers. Using creativity, they can integrate an external website, which might be yours, in the writings and the client will go to that link. The client may be just curious or will want to make a purchase, and if they do so, the affiliate marketer gets paid. 

Radio Marketing

Radio marketing dmts

Although a traditional way of promoting one's business, it has been discovered to be an effective way of doing so. Radio adverts are quite powerful, especially if you design them to be aired at a specific time of the day. 

Firms that sell their products directly to the consumers might benefit from the radios. The radios present wonderful media that can be used by firms and brands to promote their business. You should try it out, and you will be guaranteed a high success rate. 

The reason why this is a favorite digital marketing tool for some brands is that the whole idea is not that costly, after all. You just need a few resources to create the ad and then pay for the air time for the radio service. Unlike television marketing, you will not have to spend a lot for the video, which will save you a good amount of money. 

Unlike what many people think, for some niche in the market, radio marketing is the best option for you to promote your brand. This is because some people may not even own a television set or for those who are on the road for many hours in a week and the only media that they listen to is the radio. You can take this advantage and reach them because the chances are that they will not even see an ad from a rival firm that is shown on the television. 

Television Marketing

Television marketing dmts

Television marketing is among the view ways of advertising that have been used for quite a long time. This is due to the fact that many people own television sets and watch them for many hours of the day. Some may even use their television sets more than they use their smartphones or personal computers. 

More than half of the households own a television set, and the chances are that they spend at least twelve hours in front of them. This makes this option the best when targeting a niche in the market. It also works especially for the adults who are a little bit old school and would not understand the social media platforms. 

To set up an ad on a television channel would be quite costly, and that is the main reason that people are shunning away from this type of digital marketing. Instead, they are moving to use social media platforms since not only are they affordable, but they are also effective in attracting and maintaining user traffic. 

Engaging your clients through television advertising is quite a difficult and challenging task. It can also be impossible because the commercials you see on televisions are charged at a high rate per minute. Those watching would probably miss your advert, and you may not have benefitted from your investment. 

However, television advertising is possible if you can get a deal with a program that is aired regularly, like five times a week. There are shows such as comedy stand up shows that are aired, and they take the opportunity to promote products through the time they are being watched. They get paid for this and your brand benefits because they make your brand name a household name. You will then realize increased sales and a higher revenue volume. 

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging dmts

This type of digital marketing is the freshest one that firms are using to promote themselves. They are amongst the ones that are trending when it comes to marketing your firm so that you are popular with the market. They are being used by both the giants in the industry and also the little players who do not have the resources for fancy marketing strategies. 

The instant messaging works with the help of platforms such as the WhatsApp and Facebook messengers. You can use either of them to reach your audience and use the chance to popularize your brand. 

The whole idea of instant messaging is to design a message that is brief and straight to the point. You should not beat around the bush but instead inform the clients the type of firm that you are, what you deal with and where they can find you.

The main forms of instant messaging platforms include;

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook messenger
  • WeChat
  • Skype
  • QQmobile
  • Snapchat
  • Viber
  • Telegram 
  • Line

You should ensure that you work with the most popular ones as some have never been heard of by the market. If you design the messages to be appropriate, then you will win the heart of your clients. This is because of the fact that it is human nature to trust information and messages sent through messaging in the messenger apps than through emails as some of them are phishing. 

They have been used by firms for providing user support to their clients and also inform them about new content uploaded in websites that might suit them. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising dmts

This type of digital marketing entails the action of marketers paying whenever their advert is clicked on by potential buyers. You can offer links to bloggers or people with social media platforms which will have a unique id. Whenever the link is clicked by someone, that person earns a commission from you, and you get a following in return. 

You will then have someone viewing your pages and websites which has been referred by another person. It is much similar to Search Engine Marketing and Affiliate marketing. Like them, you can benefit from it by improving the design of your websites and engaging the traffic that you currently have in an effective manner. 

You will want to upload quality content so that the new traffic will be attracted by it. This is because they might be blown away with poor work and may not even want to come back after the disappointment. In readiness, you should have your best foot forward when designing your landing pages, the homepage and the service pages. Your social media pages should also be attractive and colorful, and you should upload detailed information about yourself. You should also remember to add your business address because clients will want to visit you whenever they want to work with you. 

Bottom line: Digital Marketing Methods

The above discussion describes the different types of Digital marketing strategies that are used by firms to improve their sales. You can always try them to increase your scope of influence in the market.

However, before diving in, you should consider developing a strategy that you think might work for you. If you play your cards right, you will be able to compete with the big industry players who have numerous resources at their disposal. 

All in all, the above list is just about a few of the digital marketing strategies that you can go for. They are the most common ones, but there are many others. There are also those that can help you analyze whether your efforts are effective in improving sales.

This includes google analytics or even Funnelytics. This makes the whole idea easy for one to work on by themselves or even employ an expert!